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What Does it Cost to Transfer VHS to DVD?

The Costs to Transfer VHS to DVD

It used to be impossible to conceive of the day a VCR and VHS tapes would become obsolete. A VCR can break down which may be difficult to replace because DVDs and digital players are replacing VCR devices. The best thing to do is contact a local, professional service who can assist you to transfer VHS to DVD.

Calculating Costs of VHS to DVD Transfer

The typical cost for services can range from $9.95 to $39.95 per tape. Additional services may cost extra and the transfer of VHS to DVD takes time and effort but is the most efficient way to store movies and family memories on video. It is best to contact a professional service like Keepsake Solutions to get an estimate on what it will cost to transfer VHS to DVD to suit your needs.

Priceless Service

People can take videos with iPhones but that does not make them professional videographers. To get professional quality, it is best to hire a service or individual who will take video of those cherished memories. Someone on Craigslist who says the company can do things for cheap may not take good care of your videos and ensure highest quality for the money. Tapes are priceless memories and it is important to hire a qualified service with years of experience in the industry before trusting those tapes to just any service.

Location of VHS Transfer Service

Location matters when taking care of your precious memories. Some companies may offer to transfer VHS to DVD but do not have the space or trained staff to care for your memories. Instead, companies collect a large number of tapes then ship out of state or even out of the country. Find a local business you trust with transfer technicians who understand your needs such as Keepsake Solutions. This will ensure the best quality for the service and that your film will remain safe in the process.

A reputable Columbus digital conversion services company will not hide fees and should be up front on cost breakdown. That price may be higher than what drug stories and big-box chains advertise but don’t get stuck paying high fees before you know what is included. Enquire upfront and get it written down including what extras may cost.

How to Prepare to Convert 8mm Film to Digital

Convert 8mm Film to Digital

Cleaning and conditioning film prior to transfer is a critical piece of the puzzle when seeking to convert 8mm film to digital. Several factors can lead to quality issues with 8mm film so it is important to follow some steps to safely prepare the film.

Film Damages

Some damage to film will happen over time naturally due to deterioration. Inspecting film prior to transfer can help identify any problems with film before a professional service looks at the film. A trained eye can notice any issues by loading the film into a projector and seeing how it plays. Film left for long periods of time in humid environments such as coastal or tropical regions tend to develop mold or mildew which can collect on the outer edges of film and affect how a professional is able to convert 8mm film to digital.

Dealing with Mold

Mold growth is fixable if it isolated to the outer edges of the film. With thorough cleaning, the progress of mold growth may be stopped before it gets to the emulsion. Chemicals can help get rid of the microorganisms but it may erase images itself. A non-abrasive silicone cleaning cloth is best used to remove dirt, dust and mold prior to having a professional work on the film.


Shrinkage can and must be measured prior to having a local service work to convert 8mm film to digital format. Approximately a 0.8% to 1% shrinkage carries possibility film will be further damaged if loaded into a projector. A 2% shrinkage usually renders transfer impossible even in the best labs. To measure shrinkage, a Shrinkage Gauge may be used but it can be done manually.

It is usually best if you are not sure how best to handle your film to contact a professional film transfer service who can speak with you about how to prepare film for transfer or assist you with the process. A professional service can help convert 8mm film to digital quickly and efficiently while preserving your cherished memories.

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Our Photo Scanning Service Offers Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Photo Scanning Service for the Holidays

Some people who question whether to use a photo scanning service often ask why it matters to go digital. With technology advancing at rapid speed, old film can convert quick and easy with the help of local experts who understand the process. The advantages of converting material include preservation of photographic memories to save for years to come without threat of deterioration. Find out why photo scanning is a great gift idea for the holidays.

Photo Preservation

Once material goes digital, it becomes frozen in time. Digital files do not degrade which allows for passing on of favorite and cherished memories from the family archive. Storing an archival-grade backup can protect memories from fire, flood or other damage.

Relive Good Times

Popping in a DVD to look at old memories is a fun way to experience family and loved ones. When you opt to use a photo scanning service for holiday gift giving, memories are conveniently stored on the DVD to jump right to a scene with the push of a button.

Family Photo Sharing

Once on DVD, memories are easily shared amongst family and friends. People love to post online for everyone to see those favorite times spent together and some even make an annual tradition out of giving this gift to loved ones. Either way, sharing the memories can bring people closer together and honor the memory of those who are now gone and cherish those sweet memories with loved ones still here.

Family Photo Organization

It is so easy to manage and organize Family DVDs, which makes hiring a professional photo scanning service a fun holiday gift giving idea. Lots of people are seeking to declutter and create better organization at home. Digitizing memories provides for great organization of photos, movies and recordings to have all in one place on well-organized discs for easy access and viewing.

Lots of fun editing and organizational techniques can be used to make memories more special. With a photo scanning service, you are able to create preserved memories which will last long into the future.

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The Best VHS to DVD Service in Columbus

Columbus VHS to DVD Service

When looking for a local company to provide a VHS to DVD service, the best place to call is Keepsake Solutions. We are here to provide you with high quality services at affordable prices and provide a way to maintain cherished family memories for years to come. Learn more about why Keepsake Solutions is the best VHS to DVD service in Columbus.

Many people may not realize VHS tapes will degrade over time, especially in more humid climates. Depending how the film was stored, it can make a difference in cleaning and providing high quality film on DVD. Keepsake Solutions understands the importance of providing excellent service that is fast and efficient with an average turnaround time of under one week. We inspect each tape and repair damaged ones. All work is done at our production facility located in Westerville, Ohio to ensure safety and security of your tapes. We provide a VHS to DVD service to transfer material to DVD and digital .mp4 files to preserve quality. Memories stored in digital formats are easily accessible to enjoy later with family and loved ones.

Since 2001, Keepsake Solutions has been helping people in and around Columbus preserve memories in digital format. When we provide a VHS to DVD service to a satisfied customer, we feel we are celebrating the family’s memories for years to come. Over time material can degrade which is why we provide excellent services designed to take copies of those memories to transfer onto DVD so they are not lost forever. We also keep a backup of every transfer on file for retrieval in the event a customer requests this service.

If you need a VHS to DVD service which maintains high quality work at affordable prices in Columbus, call Keepsake Solutions. We will work to give you the best experience leaving you with digitized memories to cherish now and for generations to come.

It’s More Important than Ever to Transfer VHS to DVD

It's Time to Transfer VHS to DVD!

The importance of backing up old photos and film makes it necessary to transfer VHS to DVD to preserve memories and keep them safe from wear and tear over time. Not only is preservation key but the advantages of converting photos and film include protection from fire, theft, water damage and other circumstances that come up. Family history is important to preserve for future generations which makes it a great decision right now, especially as a gift for the holidays.

Enhanced Enjoyment

Everyone loves to watch old movies and scan photographs from long ago. It can feel like being part of the past in the present. When you transfer VHS to DVD it is easy to pop in the personalized DVD without the use of heavy, expensive projectors and hauling boxes of dusty reels out of the basement, attic, or storage. Convenient menus highlight chapters to allow you to jump right to the places you want to see.

Sharing is Caring

Once treasured memories are on DVD, copies can be made for family and friends. Posting digital files online is a fun activity to share with loved ones and some people like to make it an annual tradition or a gift for that special someone.

Get Organized

Digitizing material allows you to combine those photos, movies and recordings into one, easy-to-access digital archive. Imagine all the boxes of fragile memorabilia condensed into well-organized discs.


Specialty companies like Keepsake Solutions can edit out anything you don’t want to see in a video or slideshow.  If you just want to highlight specific things, Keepsake Solutions can help you by creating a customized, edited video for your viewing pleasure when you transfer VHS to DVD.

With a range of technologies available, it is more important than ever to transfer VHS to DVD to preserve, protect, and organize those memories so your family can keep them safe and enjoy those times again and again.

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Converting 8mm to DVD is Easier Than You Think
Converting 8mm to DVD is Easier Than You Think

Old home movie film used to allow families the ability to create motion pictures of life’s most special moments. Many families have captured life on 8mm film in the past yet most of it sits gathering dust in the house somewhere, unseen and unused. The natural life of this film is longer than VHS tapes but can wear out over time, degrading the quality of the film. This is why it is important to consider the easy and quick transfer of 8mm to DVD so as to preserve your family treasures for future generations.


Footage stored on 8mm film is often priceless to the families who created the material. Special family moments, amateur movie attempts, and beloved memories deserve to be preserved for future generations. When you consider the chance to transfer 8mm to DVD, the benefits are endless. DVD movies last a lifetime, with reliable playback each and every time. No projector is needed and it is easy and relatively inexpensive to own a player to show those cherished home movies.

Conversion is Easy

It might seem impossible to get an 8mm reel onto a disc but the process is easier than you might think. Professionals trained in this technique can, with the right equipment, turn those home movies into long lasting memories that won’t fade or break down with time. Some tips to understand about the process of transferring 8mm to DVD:

  • Decide which films to recreate on DVD

  • Film transferred onto DVD will be cleaned and spliced to ensure highest quality output

  • Once film is prepared, it is ready for conversion to transfer 8mm to DVD using state-of-the-art conversion software

  • Digital copies are created on DVD, Blu-Ray, or a digital file and even all three formats if desired

  • Select a company with years of experience and qualified professionals like Keepsake Solutions in Columbus, Ohio


Do not hesitate to reach out to Keepsake Solutions to help you preserve those memories! With proper handling and care, those memories will not stay in the past, they can be captured and protected for future generations to enjoy.

Why You Should Convert VHS to Digital to Preserve Family Media
Why You Should Convert VHS to Digital to Preserve Family Media

Many reasons exist why people want to convert VHS to digital media, mainly because it is more easily accessible on today’s variety of devices. It also preserves family videos and cherished memories from degradation which can erode film and tape quality or destroy it over time. Read on for some of the best reasons to keep important family memories safe on digital platforms.

Simplify the Media Experience

With changes in media technology, it is now cheaper and easier to convert old VHS to digital. Nearly all work is captured directly which allows for easy manipulation of the video and results in minimal to no quality loss overall. This provides peace of mind memories will remain safe.

Family Time

Everyone keeps hectic schedules so it is harder than ever to get everyone around the television for a show, much less to watch old videos of times gone by. Time spent with family is more important than ever in this fast-paced world, which is why once your media is digitized, people can share stories, start discussions, and connect over favorite memories using the digital tools and devices they interact with on a daily basis, from computer and DVD players to smartphones and tablets.

Tech Updates

Technology is constantly evolving into smaller, better ways of viewing material. Closets of old videos are now on thumb drives and other easily accessible technologies. Older formats are obsolete which is why it is time to convert VHS to DVD. As time goes by, it will get more difficult to preserve the memories from degradation with the wear and tear time brings.


Most people assume memories stored on magnetic tape are safe forever. Recently, more people have realized why it is necessary to convert VHS to DVD due to the short shelf life of videotapes, which deteriorate every year even if not viewed. Precious memories will someday become unplayable if not transferred to a digital medium which makes the proper care of the material and transfer more important than ever. For images to last, it is imperative to convert VHS to DVD as soon as possible.

The sooner you decide to convert VHS to DVD, the better it will be for not only the material itself but for preservation of cherished, important memories to be viewed by loved ones now and in the future.


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Archive Your Family Memories by Transferring from VHS to DVD
vhs to dvd tape transfer

Remembering special moments such as weddings, baby’s first steps, and special family gatherings is made easier by reliving the experience on video. Special moments are meant to be shared with loved ones and capturing those forever is the best way to preserve memories now and for the future. For people who want to hold onto the memories, the best way is to transfer old VHS to DVD.

Archiving Memories

If tapes get played too much, they often scratch and wear, getting damaged and losing quality. VHS tapes are essentially obsolete thanks to the new digital technology on the market. Tapes that have not been played in awhile may have aged, the film can turn black, and the magnetic strip may strip away or flake off when played. Special memories and milestones can quickly become only a memory. Before the precious memories disappear, the best way to preserve them is VHS to DVD transfer to retain the beautiful moments for generations.

Local VHS to DVD Service

Keepsake Solutions provides a unique service to customers who want VHS to DVD transfers completed by highly trained digital archive professionals committed to preserving memories. Accessing a local service is one of the best ways to get movies put on DVD with a conversion time that is one of the best around. Keepsake Solutions will inspect and repair material to ensure the highest quality of service and end product for people who bring cherished memories to our business.


When the final product from VHS to DVD is converted you will have a long lasting keepsake to hold onto, share, and enjoy with loved ones for years to come.

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