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What’s Involved in Our VHS to DVD Video Transfer Service?


What’s Involved in Our VHS to DVD Video Transfer Service?

Transferring VHS to DVD has never been easier with the best technology and know-how available. Transfer technicians well versed in the newest technology can create premium quality DVDs which showcase memories previously stored on old-fashioned tapes and film. Learn what is involved in the process of VHS to DVD video transfer to decide if this is the right way to preserve those special memories.

VHS to DVD Transfer

The combining of multiple tapes to DVD can bring with it some challenges. The option exists to combine video tapes into one or multiple DVDs, depending on the customer’s preference. This can be useful for combining multiple tapes of similar subject matter, including transferal of all kids’ birthday parties onto one compilation DVD, for example. The only limitation is a 100-year archival DVDs hold up to 2 hours of video so each combined video must have an average running time of one hour or less.

Chapter Markers

Add chapter markers to a VHS to DVD transfer as an option. Chapter markers make the viewing experience more convenient by being able to hit next or previous buttons and find the right spot. This will allow customers to jump easily from one chapter to the next or return to the beginning of a chapter and watch again. Chapter marker placements are fully customized and may be placed in any scene or order of one’s choosing.

DVD Compatibility

The highest quality transferal process can help move memories from VHS to DVD. It is a process that takes some time but with the right transfer technicians and video transfer company, it can be done quickly and efficiently in a way that will preserve memories for years to come. Transferring video onto a hard drive is recommended if a person plans to edit footage. The file type NTSC DV AVI, the most standard format across all video editing platforms is what will be used. Hard drives can be PC or Mac formatted and the file format is AVI DV with each hour of video taking up 13 gigabytes.


Every order can include some editing of blank footage found at the beginning and ending of tapes. Additional basic editing services can be made available to all VHS to DVD transfer services which add the extra touch some customers desire. This includes:

  • Cropping out unwanted footage from tapes

  • Combining all clips if several tapes have short clips

  • Remove commercials from video tapes and create seamless watching on DVD including special footage of programs

Keepsake Memories specializes in helping you preserve your family memories. We can help transfer VHS to DVD or other services as desired. We are your local, professional video transfer service with the highest quality service and quick turn around.


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Digitize Negatives and Slides with a Negative Scanning Process


Digitize Negatives and Slides with a Negative Scanning Process

Looking to digitize negatives or old film? You’ve come to the right place! The conversion of photo negatives to digital media files can be done with premium negative scanning services. Highly trained negative scanning technicians can help perform the task while maintaining superior quality of the end product. When looking to digitize negatives, it is important to understand the process and how to find the best digital transfer service in Columbus for the task.

Negative Scanning

Slides are cleaned with compressed air to remove dust and dirt that may have accumulated. Scanners are used to digitize negatives. Dedicated unites will produce amazing results when used properly. Companies will scan negatives using flatbed scanners but high quality professional grade negative scanners are best. Negatives will then be previewed in a scanning software program where cropping and other adjustments are set. All negatives are labeled numerically by box marking. Folders are named according to the original organizational structure of negatives. After the scanning is done, each image is looked at one at a time to be sure it is oriented properly. Once all negatives are scanned and inspected, they will be burned into archival DVDs which are the best way to preserve these memories for years to come.

Scanning Negatives vs. Prints

It is usually best to scan from the original source of images. For photos, the original source is the negative, or strips of images given to the family when film was developed. Printed photos are just printed copies of the negative and never contain detail that is as good as the original negative. Prints have a much more restricted range of color and luminosity (light/dark) than negatives.

Slide Scanning Process

Photo and slide scanning is another process which can preserve memories. Images are reviewed and can be scanned one-by-one to ensure the photos look appropriately oriented. Once the images have been scanned in, then they are burned onto DVDs to preserve the memories. Slide and photo scanning technology has increased tremendously over the years and it is helping to ensure customers are able to preserve more memories than ever before. Finding the highest quality memories on DVD after the process to digitize negatives and scan photos in can be very rewarding for families who seek to keep memories in the family and have copies made for other people to see. It is one way a professional service can provide a personal touch to the process.

Keepsake Solutions brings a personal touch through our family owned and operated business, serving the Columbus community for over 15 years.  With speedy turn-around, many precious memories are waiting to be preserved for our customers. We just need you to bring those memories to a company and technicians you can trust. We provide affordable, high quality transfer of your precious moments.


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The Benefits of Getting Your Media Transfer Done Locally


The Benefits of Getting Your Media Transfer Done Locally

There are many benefits to getting your media transfer done by a local business. When a business is family owned and operated, the benefits are increased tenfold, as they will better understand all your needs and personalize the experience by going the extra mile. Keepsake Solutions is the best place in the Columbus area for preserving your family’s digital memories for generations to come with high quality media transfer services.

Why Preserve Memories

Memory preservation is so crucial to families who want to be able to enjoy watching them for years to come. Previous generations of memory preservation such as photos and slides degrade over time. With the advent of DVD technology, including the ability to transfer from various older media, there is more to love about media transfer technology when it comes to keeping those memories safe from erosion. VHS tapes are another popular format that took the world by storm at first, but priceless memories are not meant to last on tape. Often, the tapes run 6 hours or longer and people want to preserve important pieces of those tapes and find more convenient ways to watch selected memories.

Customer Experience Matters

At Keepsake Solutions, we strive to provide the very best customer experience you will find anywhere around. We keep your media local which ensures it will not get lost in transit or misplaced during shipping. Since Keepsake handles memories very seriously, we want you to have peace of mind that comes from knowing we provide service that is speedy, accurate, and focused on your individual needs. Our transfer technicians work very hard to provide the best service with a personal touch.

Keepsake Solutions for Media Transfer

Media transfer can be a tricky business, which is why we specialize in many different forms while focusing on high quality products. We are the premier memory transfer service in Columbus with over 15 years of experience in the business of high quality digital media transfer and memory preservation. Our cutting edge technology allows us to transfer media from old movies, film, slides, photos, recordings, and more, without compromising the end product. We will help you preserve digital files for years to come that will be enjoyable to watch and share with family, friends, and loved ones.


To learn how Keepsake Solutions can help you transfer media from old, dated files to brand new digital formats, contact our associates today!

Slide Scanning Allows You to Transfer Slides to DVD
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Slide Scanning Allows You to Transfer Slides to DVD

Slide scanning is one of the greatest inventions for preserving memories. Transferring from slides to DVD has never been easier than with trained transfer service technicians from Keepsake Solutions who can transform images into long lasting memories. Here’s our approach to slide scanning;

Slide Scanning

Slides are cleaned with compressed air to start with to remove dust and particles that could damage the slide. An air compressor exerts just the right amount of pressure to support the process. Professional grade slide scanners are used to transfer slides to DVD which produce amazing results in a timely fashion. Slides are previewed using scanning software where the program and other adjustments are set. All slides are labeled numerically by box marking. Folders are also named according to the original structure of the slides. After all the slide scanning is finished, each image is gone through one at a time to make sure it is oriented properly. This means not flipped or mirrored and of the highest quality. Once the images are scanned, the technician will review and a second technician will look over each image. Once all the slides are scanned, each will be turned into archival DVDs.

Deterioration of Slides

Almost every 35mm slide has deterioration in some form or another. Slides are usually older and nothing stays new. Many defects arise through aging but the most common is simply fading. Fading typically  manifests as colors losing vibrancy and a general yellowing of the image. Slide to DVD transfer can help preserve the slides but it helps to speak with an image scanning technician for examples of how to best make this happen.

Manual Color vs. Image Restoration Service

Manual color correction is mainly used to fix problems with color. If the slide has yellow casting, in many cases, this can be neutralized and brought back to original color. Software programs cannot do this so people must manually look them over to be sure the images are not too dark or have a color cast. An image restoration service can repair slides. If there are slides, scratches, blots, fungus, or other imperfections, an image scanning technician can help. Even if a piece is missing, it may be possible to get the images transferred. Slide to DVD transfer is a process that takes time but is worth it to preserve memories for generations that will enjoy all the images and not worry as much about degradation of the DVD, which holds up better over time. A trained technician can help with preservation of these valuable memories.


Keepsake Solutions has quality technicians who work hard to preserve your memories in many forms, including slide to DVD transfers. We are in the business of serving you with speedy turn-around times and treating precious memories like our own. We are family owned and operated, which means we understand why memory preservation matters. Contact us to find out how we can help you get started on transferring your memories to media which will last generations.

Scan Old Photos to Preserve Them for Generations


Scan Old Photos to Preserve Them for Generations

Photo scanning is a process that can help preserve memories from degradation and deterioration. When looking to scan old photos, it helps to find a service that has scanning technicians and advanced photo scanning equipment to meet your needs as a customer. Every photo scan order should be treated with the utmost respect and high caliber of customer service including high quality flatbed scanners. That’s how we handle photo scanning and preservation here at Keepsake Solutions.

Photo Scanning Process

In order to cleanly scan old photos, they must be cleaned with compressed air to begin the process. This will help remove dust from the photos. Images are scanned in numeric order by folder marking (ie: FirstHouse_001.jpg). During the scanning process, high grade flatbed photo scanners are used. After scanning is finished, each image is scanned one at a time to make sure it is oriented properly and not mirrored or flipped the other way. Once a technician finishes, it is best to burn old photos onto archival DVDs or other media specified by the customer. This will help keep the memories for long-term storage.

Manual Color Correction vs. Image Restoration Service

When we scan old photos, manual color correction is mainly used to fix problems with color in images. If the photo has some redness, most times this can be fixed back to the original colors. One thing the service technician will look for is the whitest pixel in the viewable area of the image to make sure it is reset to 100% white value, also the same for black. Software programs cannot do this as people are the ones who evaluate the image based on data and disregard backlighting, among other things. If the image has a color cast or is too dark, an image scanning technician can employ manual color correction service. If even two images are enhanced then it helps everything look more beautiful.

An image restoration service will digitally repair photos. If the photos have any folds, scratches, color blots, fungus or other imperfections, the image scanning technician can quote the photos a price for fixing. Even if the image has a piece missing, this may be fixable. Adobe Photoshop can be man’s best friend in this case! This is only a small piece of what happens when you come to scan old photos and find them better than the original.


Some families love to view slideshows of pictures taken over the years. After a technician helps scan old photos,  the images can be created into a DVD slideshow. An in-house editor can help direct the project for best results using the customer’s own images that have a personal touch with beautiful presentation, tailor-made for each family.

Contact Sheets

Browsing through the family photo collection was never easier when it can be created into a visual display with 100 thumbnail-sized images on the page. Contact sheets are great for larger photo scanning of orders and allows for easy reference to a specific image. This can be found quickly on DVD or a hard drive.


Keepsake Solutions is your go-to company for excellent service with superior quality. We help you scan old photos to preserve your memories for generations to come. Specializing in affordable, high quality digital transfer of your treasured media, we invite you to discover for yourself how to preserve those special memories.

Guide to Audio Transfer for Home Memories


Guide to Audio Transfer for Home Memories

When considering whether to transfer audio from one medium to another, whether it is cassette to CD, tape to CD, or other type of audio transfer, those memories matter. It is worth the time and money to find the best audio transfer service that can handle all audio transfer needs and create memories for years to come. Here’s our team’s guide to getting great quality audio transfer to preserve your family treasures.

Audio Transfer for Preserving Home Memories

Audio to CD Process

Before any transfer takes place, the media will be inspected by an audio transfer technician. This is to search for any damage or issues with the existing audio. If any issues arise, the technician will call to let the customer know the source of the problem and if it is repairable. Files that are transferred will be stored on computers in-house, run through audio editing software, and the technician will determine the final sound quality of the audio to CD transfer. Basic audio cleanup services to remove errors in recording or other issues are generally provided as well. Once recording at the optimum quality desired by the client and the company is completed, it will then be burned to a 100-year CD and labeled per customer specifications. Audio CDs can hold up to 74 minutes of recording time.

Track Splitting

When audio is brought in for transfer, the option exists to set up what is called ‘track splits.’ Track splitting enables a person to skip from one track to another while playing the CD in the CD player. This is really helpful for recorded music, which can switch songs around easier than ever before.

Basic Audio Editing

Basic audio editing services are set up to help fix minor problems that may be present in recordings. Audio transfer technicians are trained on many different types of methods to support audio issues that arise. Here are just a few:

  • Speed up or slow down audio. Older audio was often capable of being recorded at different speeds. If audio plays too fast, or too slow, this can be fixed digitally by adjusting the playback speed. This can be common on old vinyl and reel to reel audio.

  • Remove unwanted sound. Sometimes random blips or noise show up in audio and these can be removed if desired.

  • Custom-placed track splitting. Audio transfer technicians can split tracks anywhere in the recording.

  • Remove static hums and hisses. Most static humming and hissing can be diminished from audio recordings, depending on the type of audio.

Audio Restoration

If a recording has some audio issues, an audio restoration service can help revitalize old recordings. With the right experience handling audio equipment, it can be complicated but not an impossible task to diminish common problems associated with older analog media. CDs are usually the most convenient for customers but MP3s can also be good. Any file format can be selected and a customer may choose to bring in a flash or hard drive on which to store files.

Keepsake Solutions takes a personal touch and approach to your audio transfer and media needs. We are family owned and operated with over 15 years experience. We are here to serve you with the best quality and quickest turnaround of any company in the Columbus area.


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Using a VHS to DVD Conversion Service to Transfer in Bulk

Benefits of a VHS to DVD Conversion Service

VHS video tapes seemed like a great invention long ago and were wildly popular for some years. Blockbuster movies were viewable right at home, home videos were captured to enjoy with family and amateur artists could create movies to see again and again. With the right equipment, just a few decades ago, almost all homes and businesses had a VCR device. Now, it is easy to use a VHS to DVD conversion service to transfer all your memories that will last a lifetime.

Long Lasting Benefits of VHS to DVD Conversion

Many reasons exist to use a local VHS to DVD conversion service, such as Keepsake Solutions. We can help you transfer large collections of VHS tapes which take up lots of room into smaller discs to minimize clutter and keep things organized. Reclaim space with a conversion service that will serve you and your family’s needs with the confidence the format will be durable and long lasting.

Wider Availability of Your Media

People are on the go more than ever now. A major benefit of digitizing video content is to make it instantly available on any device. Whether you need to watch content on the computer, view it on a screen, take it to work or just view at family gatherings, it is easy to do with  the help of a VHS to DVD conversion service. Let Keepsake Solutions help create DVDs to simplify your on-the-go lifestyle.

The Easy Process of VHS Conversion

The process of transferring the material is always best handled by experts at Keepsake Solutions. You can save time and effort by hiring a professional service who will handle all your needs. Box up the videos you want to store on DVD and bring them into Keepsake Solutions. We will take the greatest care with your material and find the right format to suit your special requests. With our VHS to DVD conversion service, we offer a wide arrange of ways you can turn that vast collection of tapes into long lasting DVDs to preserve for the future.

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What Does it Cost to Transfer VHS to DVD?

The Costs to Transfer VHS to DVD

It used to be impossible to conceive of the day a VCR and VHS tapes would become obsolete. A VCR can break down which may be difficult to replace because DVDs and digital players are replacing VCR devices. The best thing to do is contact a local, professional service who can assist you to transfer VHS to DVD.

Calculating Costs of VHS to DVD Transfer

The typical cost for services can range from $9.95 to $39.95 per tape. Additional services may cost extra and the transfer of VHS to DVD takes time and effort but is the most efficient way to store movies and family memories on video. It is best to contact a professional service like Keepsake Solutions to get an estimate on what it will cost to transfer VHS to DVD to suit your needs.

Priceless Service

People can take videos with iPhones but that does not make them professional videographers. To get professional quality, it is best to hire a service or individual who will take video of those cherished memories. Someone on Craigslist who says the company can do things for cheap may not take good care of your videos and ensure highest quality for the money. Tapes are priceless memories and it is important to hire a qualified service with years of experience in the industry before trusting those tapes to just any service.

Location of VHS Transfer Service

Location matters when taking care of your precious memories. Some companies may offer to transfer VHS to DVD but do not have the space or trained staff to care for your memories. Instead, companies collect a large number of tapes then ship out of state or even out of the country. Find a local business you trust with transfer technicians who understand your needs such as Keepsake Solutions. This will ensure the best quality for the service and that your film will remain safe in the process.

A reputable Columbus digital conversion services company will not hide fees and should be up front on cost breakdown. That price may be higher than what drug stories and big-box chains advertise but don’t get stuck paying high fees before you know what is included. Enquire upfront and get it written down including what extras may cost.

How to Prepare to Convert 8mm Film to Digital

Convert 8mm Film to Digital

Cleaning and conditioning film prior to transfer is a critical piece of the puzzle when seeking to convert 8mm film to digital. Several factors can lead to quality issues with 8mm film so it is important to follow some steps to safely prepare the film.

Film Damages

Some damage to film will happen over time naturally due to deterioration. Inspecting film prior to transfer can help identify any problems with film before a professional service looks at the film. A trained eye can notice any issues by loading the film into a projector and seeing how it plays. Film left for long periods of time in humid environments such as coastal or tropical regions tend to develop mold or mildew which can collect on the outer edges of film and affect how a professional is able to convert 8mm film to digital.

Dealing with Mold

Mold growth is fixable if it isolated to the outer edges of the film. With thorough cleaning, the progress of mold growth may be stopped before it gets to the emulsion. Chemicals can help get rid of the microorganisms but it may erase images itself. A non-abrasive silicone cleaning cloth is best used to remove dirt, dust and mold prior to having a professional work on the film.


Shrinkage can and must be measured prior to having a local service work to convert 8mm film to digital format. Approximately a 0.8% to 1% shrinkage carries possibility film will be further damaged if loaded into a projector. A 2% shrinkage usually renders transfer impossible even in the best labs. To measure shrinkage, a Shrinkage Gauge may be used but it can be done manually.

It is usually best if you are not sure how best to handle your film to contact a professional film transfer service who can speak with you about how to prepare film for transfer or assist you with the process. A professional service can help convert 8mm film to digital quickly and efficiently while preserving your cherished memories.

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Our Photo Scanning Service Offers Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Photo Scanning Service for the Holidays

Some people who question whether to use a photo scanning service often ask why it matters to go digital. With technology advancing at rapid speed, old film can convert quick and easy with the help of local experts who understand the process. The advantages of converting material include preservation of photographic memories to save for years to come without threat of deterioration. Find out why photo scanning is a great gift idea for the holidays.

Photo Preservation

Once material goes digital, it becomes frozen in time. Digital files do not degrade which allows for passing on of favorite and cherished memories from the family archive. Storing an archival-grade backup can protect memories from fire, flood or other damage.

Relive Good Times

Popping in a DVD to look at old memories is a fun way to experience family and loved ones. When you opt to use a photo scanning service for holiday gift giving, memories are conveniently stored on the DVD to jump right to a scene with the push of a button.

Family Photo Sharing

Once on DVD, memories are easily shared amongst family and friends. People love to post online for everyone to see those favorite times spent together and some even make an annual tradition out of giving this gift to loved ones. Either way, sharing the memories can bring people closer together and honor the memory of those who are now gone and cherish those sweet memories with loved ones still here.

Family Photo Organization

It is so easy to manage and organize Family DVDs, which makes hiring a professional photo scanning service a fun holiday gift giving idea. Lots of people are seeking to declutter and create better organization at home. Digitizing memories provides for great organization of photos, movies and recordings to have all in one place on well-organized discs for easy access and viewing.

Lots of fun editing and organizational techniques can be used to make memories more special. With a photo scanning service, you are able to create preserved memories which will last long into the future.

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