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Converting 8mm to DVD is Easier Than You Think
Converting 8mm to DVD is Easier Than You Think

Old home movie film used to allow families the ability to create motion pictures of life’s most special moments. Many families have captured life on 8mm film in the past yet most of it sits gathering dust in the house somewhere, unseen and unused. The natural life of this film is longer than VHS tapes but can wear out over time, degrading the quality of the film. This is why it is important to consider the easy and quick transfer of 8mm to DVD so as to preserve your family treasures for future generations.


Footage stored on 8mm film is often priceless to the families who created the material. Special family moments, amateur movie attempts, and beloved memories deserve to be preserved for future generations. When you consider the chance to transfer 8mm to DVD, the benefits are endless. DVD movies last a lifetime, with reliable playback each and every time. No projector is needed and it is easy and relatively inexpensive to own a player to show those cherished home movies.

Conversion is Easy

It might seem impossible to get an 8mm reel onto a disc but the process is easier than you might think. Professionals trained in this technique can, with the right equipment, turn those home movies into long lasting memories that won’t fade or break down with time. Some tips to understand about the process of transferring 8mm to DVD:

  • Decide which films to recreate on DVD

  • Film transferred onto DVD will be cleaned and spliced to ensure highest quality output

  • Once film is prepared, it is ready for conversion to transfer 8mm to DVD using state-of-the-art conversion software

  • Digital copies are created on DVD, Blu-Ray, or a digital file and even all three formats if desired

  • Select a company with years of experience and qualified professionals like Keepsake Solutions in Columbus, Ohio


Do not hesitate to reach out to Keepsake Solutions to help you preserve those memories! With proper handling and care, those memories will not stay in the past, they can be captured and protected for future generations to enjoy.

Why You Should Convert VHS to Digital to Preserve Family Media
Why You Should Convert VHS to Digital to Preserve Family Media

Many reasons exist why people want to convert VHS to digital media, mainly because it is more easily accessible on today’s variety of devices. It also preserves family videos and cherished memories from degradation which can erode film and tape quality or destroy it over time. Read on for some of the best reasons to keep important family memories safe on digital platforms.

Simplify the Media Experience

With changes in media technology, it is now cheaper and easier to convert old VHS to digital. Nearly all work is captured directly which allows for easy manipulation of the video and results in minimal to no quality loss overall. This provides peace of mind memories will remain safe.

Family Time

Everyone keeps hectic schedules so it is harder than ever to get everyone around the television for a show, much less to watch old videos of times gone by. Time spent with family is more important than ever in this fast-paced world, which is why once your media is digitized, people can share stories, start discussions, and connect over favorite memories using the digital tools and devices they interact with on a daily basis, from computer and DVD players to smartphones and tablets.

Tech Updates

Technology is constantly evolving into smaller, better ways of viewing material. Closets of old videos are now on thumb drives and other easily accessible technologies. Older formats are obsolete which is why it is time to convert VHS to DVD. As time goes by, it will get more difficult to preserve the memories from degradation with the wear and tear time brings.


Most people assume memories stored on magnetic tape are safe forever. Recently, more people have realized why it is necessary to convert VHS to DVD due to the short shelf life of videotapes, which deteriorate every year even if not viewed. Precious memories will someday become unplayable if not transferred to a digital medium which makes the proper care of the material and transfer more important than ever. For images to last, it is imperative to convert VHS to DVD as soon as possible.

The sooner you decide to convert VHS to DVD, the better it will be for not only the material itself but for preservation of cherished, important memories to be viewed by loved ones now and in the future.


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Archive Your Family Memories by Transferring from VHS to DVD
vhs to dvd tape transfer

Remembering special moments such as weddings, baby’s first steps, and special family gatherings is made easier by reliving the experience on video. Special moments are meant to be shared with loved ones and capturing those forever is the best way to preserve memories now and for the future. For people who want to hold onto the memories, the best way is to transfer old VHS to DVD.

Archiving Memories

If tapes get played too much, they often scratch and wear, getting damaged and losing quality. VHS tapes are essentially obsolete thanks to the new digital technology on the market. Tapes that have not been played in awhile may have aged, the film can turn black, and the magnetic strip may strip away or flake off when played. Special memories and milestones can quickly become only a memory. Before the precious memories disappear, the best way to preserve them is VHS to DVD transfer to retain the beautiful moments for generations.

Local VHS to DVD Service

Keepsake Solutions provides a unique service to customers who want VHS to DVD transfers completed by highly trained digital archive professionals committed to preserving memories. Accessing a local service is one of the best ways to get movies put on DVD with a conversion time that is one of the best around. Keepsake Solutions will inspect and repair material to ensure the highest quality of service and end product for people who bring cherished memories to our business.


When the final product from VHS to DVD is converted you will have a long lasting keepsake to hold onto, share, and enjoy with loved ones for years to come.

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